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Transition time [Apr. 25th, 2009|04:40 pm]
Spring 2009 will likely be the last time I spend working towards an academic degree.  So begins my bittersweet transformation into the working man, endlessly toiling to save up value in an overvalued abstraction called money.  I enjoy learning how things work, and I hope my work won't stop me from learning many new things every day.

I've had a few phone interviews this past week.  One was with a small company in Mountain View that has been around about 5 years, and another company that said they have positions for me in New York, but I didn't pursue that, and they said they will try to see if they can find me something in a Cupertino branch.  They asked me if I had applied to hedge funds and other financial institutions; perhaps I should try that, although I wouldn't be surprised if those types of ventures are dying out in this parched economy.

My 23" Acer monitor arrived this week, and I am using it right now dual-screened with an old 17" dell.  It is very convenient and makes beautiful images.  Together with my gtx260, it's been working really well.

I've started a Folding@home team with my friend Michael in San Diego.  The program is a clever way of distributing computational workloads via the internet to allow laypeople to donate the computational power of their computers to solving problems involving protein folding, which in turn will help understanding of disease-related topics.  I don't believe there are any forms of compensation, but it is for an important cause, and through my experience as a part of a research project last summer, I understand the need for community involvement in many projects for success for the greater good.  If you're interested:

team: Origami Thinking

I started running again, through the hills of Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon.  My route takes me from my apartment to the base of the hills near the football stadium and intercollegiate teams' fields, and up the winding firetrails.  While I was running I had a random thought that I was encountering people whose fitness level was a linear function of altitude.  Not any chubby people running the firetrails.  It feels great to run, but at the same time, it's a lot of hills, and I think I will need to plan out better how I run, because my right knee had some pain after 2 consecutive days of running about 2 miles of hills, and I also played tennis on it and it still is tweaked. 


From: (Anonymous)
2009-04-28 03:03 am (UTC)
Lifetime learning is simply a matter of desire and discipline. Look for a job that either (a) fascinates you and enforces growth, or (b) has reasonable hours so you have time for your own exploration. In other words, a crazy-hours startup company had better be really cool, a standard 9-to-5 isn't all bad, and maybe hold off on NetFlix (which ironically is advertised right above this comment entry area at this very moment). Despite jokes, I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun since graduation. I would say I made a lot of money too, but the stock market decided takebacks are allowed. - brudda j
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